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Digital Flow

In exponential times, we believe the magic happens when we cross borders between customers, employees and technology. In these times, you do not have to choose between apparent paradoxes anymore. It is all about learning to adopt a both-and-more attitude.

Inetum-Realdolmen wants to actively contribute to this movement. As the trusted technology partner for organizations worldwide, we therefore make technology work for both customers and employees, for both the short term and the long term.

"Do you also feel you have to make hard choices all the time? Focus on the short term or the long term? We know managers spend most of their time on day-to-day operations, but the success of a company truly depends on long-term strategy. We also see organizations which love to experiment with new technologies but then fail to integrate it and to truly transform their business. We don’t think you have to choose. We believe in using your creativity and adopt a both-and more attitude." Johnny Smets
General Manager



To find your balance, you have to keep moving between today and tomorrow.

It is important to focus both on today's operations and on experimenting with tomorrow. To both operate and inspire.

At the same time, it is also essential to establish the bridge from today to tomorrow, by continuously optimizing what exists. This frees up new resources to innovate for the future. Also go from tomorrow back into today, by scaling up experiments and integrating them into daily operations and business models. This is important to ensure a maximal ROI. This implies, investing time and resources in the 2 pivot activities: optimize & integrate.

There are the 4 activities that each organization has to perform to get and stay in a digital flow. To keep them and your organization moving, we are committed to a holistic, multi-disciplinary governance team that regularly takes stock of the evolution.

Inetum-Realdolmen created a 4x4 accelerator methodology that can be used to keep up your balance. We can help with any activity on 4 levels.

  • 4 levels of unburdening: from the supply of individual building blocks to the operational and financial outsourcing of work
  • 4 levels of optimization: from pure technological updates to optimizing the financial side, the user side, to the full underlying operations
  • 4 levels of inspiration: from a separate inspiration session to a tailor-made workshop, to a more concrete POC and / or broad preliminary study to roll-out in your organization
  • 4 levels of integration: from the roll-out of a complete technological project to the integration of the project in the entire domain, the entire organization up to the business model if possible

Why I Design

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Digital transformation is high on the agenda of many CEOs. In the meantime, it has become clear that digitization requires a well-thought-out step-by-step plan. Investing today in what is essential for tomorrow , that is what it's all about! It is not an individual IT project, but a combination of adjustments to the business model, corporate culture, people, processes and systems that ensures an organization to remain accessible and relevant. Make sure your organization is agile. The future technology, data and customers expect this. Digital Flow offers you the pragmatic tools to get started.


To us, Digital Flow is the successor to the Digital Transformation, which is currently still a hot topic. This context leads some organizations to keep launching unrelated digital projects, one after another, while others become paralyzed by uncertainty and do far too little. When asked whether they are achieving the desired results, the answer is often “unclear” or even “not really”.

Why? All too frequently, digital projects are seen as stand-alone projects, on a separate track, running parallel to the day-to-day ‘business as usual’ activities. It's perfectly fine for an organization to operate at varying speeds, as long as those tracks join up again on a regular basis – and for all members of the organization, not just for a select group. The digital component is too often relegated to a sidetrack, rendering it incapable of producing the desired results.

Digital Transformation has become both a buzzword and a catch-all term, and all companies claim to be working on it; however, we've noticed a wide divergence with regard to both internal and external appreciation and the degree of success. At Inetum-Realdolmen, we no longer use the term digital transformation, which implies a beginning and an end. Instead, we prefer a continuous digital flow, a never-ending story, with no starting point or conclusion, connecting today to tomorrow.